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Major Infiltration Areas

Window & Door Casings

  • New Weather Stripping on all Exterior Doors

  • New Door Sweeps on all Exterior Doors

  • Caulk Around Window and Door Casings

  • WindowCompletely Fills ALL Cavities Including Door and Window Casings Drill 1 1/8” Holes in either Just Under the Bottom Sash In Up Position or on the Outside Casing and Fill with Insulation.

    DoorDoorDrill two per side 1 1/8” Holes on the Inside Door Casings and Fill with Insulation

  • Run Insulation Wrap Around Water Lines Coming from the Hot Water Tank to the First Floor.

  • Rim Joist Areas in House with Basements must be Completely Sealed by Tacking Insulaweb from the Floor Joist to the Sill Plate.

    Save All Year - Insulation works year round to save you money and provides comfort for you and your family. AirKrete® Foam insulation pays for itself. Your monthly heating/cooling bills include both the energy you need to use plus the energy you waste. With soaring energy costs this waste is substantial. Return on Investment- If you spent this wasted cost on insulation, your investment could not only pay for itself in a few years, but continue to save you money , year after year thereafter. Save Now - With rising fuel and power costs it only makes sense to insulate now. Heating and cooling costs can be significantly reduced by insuring that you have adequate insulation in your home.

    It usually takes less than two days to insulate the average home for years of comfortable living and savings. It is applied through the exterior walls and in attics with no mess or disruption to your daily life. Here’s how. Siding is removed and access holes are drilled through sheathing for each and every wall cavity. Gun hose is inserted deep into the cavity and foam is pumped in at the consistency of shaving cream. Entire cavity is filled with foam flowing around pipes and electrical outlets and filling every crevice. In a few seconds the foam sets to the consistency of a sponge cake. Siding is replaced.