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Commercial Testimonial

Upper Sandusky High School

Matt Bauer - Owner of Gutters, Insulation & More, Inc.

I am pleased to provide one of the most unusual and special testimonials ever heard in our business. As you know, our company was contracted to install airkrete® GREENsulation™ in several school buildings for the Upper Sandusky School District in Ohio last summer. One of those buildings was a standard high school gymnasium, where we filled 8" block and the gap between the brick and the block with airkrete® GREENsulation™.

An unfortunate act of Mother Nature has actually proven the insulating ability of airkrete® GREENsulation™. Last winter, the Ohio region suffered a massive ice storm, knocking out power to thousands of people for many days. Emergency management officials used the Upper Sandusky high school gymnasium as a shelter during the crisis. Even though there was no heat in the building and the outside temperature never went above 28 degrees during a 5 day period, the inside temperature of that gymnasium went down from 72 degrees to just 68 degrees! Understand that there was no heat at all in the facility for 5 straight days!

That story is an obvious testament to the importance of proper insulation and to airkrete® GREENsulation™ in particular. Needless to say, the energy efficiency and enviornmental benefits of airkrete® GREENsulation™ are now well known in and around the Upper Sandusky region.