A sea of airkrete




Victoria Village, North York

Five years ago we have bought our first home, an older house (about 50 years old). We had no knowledge at the time that the double brick bungalow that we had gotten had no insulation in the walls but two cavities air filled. We were soon to find that out …

We changed all windows and we had blown in insulation in the attic but with all these it was still cold during the winter especially in one of the rooms located on the corner of the house having two exterior walls. It was also unpleasant to watch TV from a sofa that was sitting in the living room parallel with one of these exterior walls. All these exterior walls were very cold and we could always feel a draft coming from them.

We have heard about Brand Insulation and their "airkrete® GREENsulation™" and we have invited them to give us a quote. We decided to go with this type of insulation in all the exterior walls. Winter is over now and we are happy with the decision we've made. We can use the corner room now. We had guests that were able to sleep in that room with the door closed which was never possible before. We do not feel any drafts from the exterior walls and overall the comfort of our home has increased. On top of that, our gas bills have decreased by 10% compared to the last winter; however this winter's temperatures were lower than last year's so we expect even better next year!

So we're happy and we are recommending this product to all our friends and we regret that we did not insulate both cavities of the exterior walls (inside and outside) so we can double the benefit of the "airkrete® GREENsulation™".