A sea of airkrete.




Tinora High/Middle School Complex
Case Study - Energy Savings Analysis

"Air Krete Masonry Wall Insulation helped reduce natural gas use by 38.2%

Air Krete Masonry Wall Insulation is a water-based, fireproof, foam product installed between the 4th face brick and the 8th concrete block exterior walls. The material is injected with compressed air through access holes drilled in the mortar joints.

The Air Krete was included as integral part of an HB264 Energy Project which included boiler plant downsizing, replacement, and conversion from fuel oil to natural gas. * Base year Natural Gas CCF was derived by converting the base year fuel oil use (30,126 gal) to equivalent natural gas use."

Base Year Data (1998)
(Jan-Apr) (Oct-Dec)
Retrofit Year Data
(Oct-Dec 00) (Jan-Apr 01)
Natural Gas Use (CCF) 42,118* 31,480
Heating Degree Days 4,948 5,978
CCF per HDD 8.51 5.27
CCF Savings per HDD 3.24
Percent Savings 38.2%
CCF Savings per Year 19,359
CCF Cost per Unit $0.807
Dollar Savings per Year $15,848.67

"Air Krete Masonry Wall Insulation not only improves the thermal performance of the wall but seals the holes, cracks, and penetrations in the building. These holes let cold air in and heated air out.

By reducing the random uncontrolled air leakage in a building you improve the ability of the heating and ventilating equipment to do its job. Fresh air is introduced into the facility when and where it is needed. This saves energy and improves building comfort."

Tinora High School/Middle School Complex where airkrete was installed!