A sea of airkrete GREENsulation.




FDNY Firefighter Crowley. Apartment fire contained by airkrete! "It wasn't a miracle the fire never spread, it was Airkrete!" -FDNY Firefighter Crowley
Just a couple of weeks after Airkrete was installed at the Betance Apartment Building in NYC, an electrical fire broke out in the top left apartment. As the alarm went off, the firefighters feared the worst - they had witnessed the devastation when a fire swept through a dated building in the Bronx. In this case, the outcome was different. Fireproof Airkrete stopped the fire in its tracks - lives were saved, and the firemen thanked the owner for a smart decision! What property of yours deserves Airkrete? Sleep safely with Airkrete! "Fireproof your loved ones with Airkrete..." Walls with a new installation of Airkrete!
Create a cocoon of safety for your family by enclosing your home's bedrooms with Airkrete! The fireproof insulating qualities of Airkrete creates a barrier of protection against heat and flames. The protected walls, ceiling and floors can't burn, and you get the extra time needed to save precious lives! Choose life. Choose Airkrete.