Some pests that Airkrete repels! Mice, rats, squirrels, bats and snakes will move out when Airkrete moves in! Concrete retrofit application of Airkrete Mice nests don't stand a chance against Airkrete!
Here's a word you should know as a homeowner: "desiccant".
It means a substance that induces or maintains a state of dryness. This process of "absorption" is the attribute of Airkrete that keeps away vermin. They can't nest or live in Airkrete or they mummify!

While being 100% fireproof - and yet gives off no toxic fumes (only oxygen) - you can see why Airkrete is the smartest choice you can make for your home's enclosed space insulation!
Goodbye nesters! insects can destroy your home, but now with Airkrete! "We love to watch the insects run out of the house when we foam in Airkrete!" -Licensed Airkrete Installer
Termites killed from airkrete! Insects HATE Airkrete! Termites, wood bees, carpenter ants, spiders and other nasties cannot survive burrowing through Airkrete due to its abrasiveness (it wears away their exoskeleton) and de-oiling effect, which dries them up! The bugs can't live where we foam, literally crawling out of the walls bringing their larva with them! The magnesium oxide Airkrete foam is beneficial to us - Airkrete is fireproof, non-toxic and scrubs CO2 right out of the air - but deadly to insects. How cool is that?