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Commercial Review

Ayersville Local Schools

Case Study - Energy Savings Analysis Air Krete Masonry Wall Insulation - Swimming Pool Walls (Only) delivered 20.7% savings in the Districts total natural gas use.

The Pool Facility contains only 14,300 square foot (8.81 %) of the complexes total floor space area of 162,394 square foot. The Pool Facilities 13,843 square foot of exterior wall area represents (29.59%) of the complexes 46,780 square foot exterior wall area total.

Air Krete Masonry Wall Insulation is a water-based, fireproof, foam product installed between the 4th face brick and 8th concrete block exterior walls. The material is injected by compressed air pressure through access holes drilled in the mortar joints."

Base Year Data
Jun 96 - Jul 97
Retrofit Year Data
Jul 00 - Jul 01
Natural Gas Use (CCF) 140,050 109,639
Heating Degree Days 6,421 6,339
CCF per HDD 21.81 17.30
CCF Savings per HDD 4.51
Percent Savings 20.7%
CCF Savings per Year 28,589
CCF Cost per Unit $0.86
Annual Dollar Savings $24,586.54
Air Krete ECM Cost $30,854
Payback Period 1.25